You read that headline right. There is a glimmer of hope that the entirety of 2021 won’t be a wash.

The entertainment industry has been one of the worst-hit in this pandemic. Concerts, performances, theater, and movies are unsafe for the time being. Alternatives were devised to help the industry survive – drive-in concerts, virtual performances, outdoor events. But it is nothing like the real thing, and we’re all waiting until we can be surrounded and enveloped by music and art once again.

2020 disappeared from underneath us. 2021 introduced the vaccine and with it, a hope that a return to normal is on the horizon. Some of us are banking on 2022, as festivals and tours are already getting pushed once again. Others are hoping that we’ll be able to do something, anything before we count down to new years once again.

Disease expert Dr. Fauci has given us a little bit of hope to hold onto. The Association of Performing Arts Professionals recently held a virtual conference in which Fauci referred to a study done by German scientists in August that suggested live indoor concerts could be successfully held without spreading the virus. There would have to be adequate ventilation, strict hygiene protocols, and limited capacity, but it would still be an indoor event that would be safe. And it could happen as early as fall 2021

In the midst of the first wave of the vaccine rollout, Dr. Fauci said that if everything goes well and is successful, this is a possibility. If venues adapted the way airlines have and needed negative test results before attending, it could be even more possible.

The vaccine is being distributed in the U.S. right now mostly to frontline workers, those who are in healthcare, teaching, and other essential jobs. The states have been deciding who is eligible to receive the vaccine, many turning to the elderly and high-risk populations next. While we don’t know when enough people will be vaccinated for herd immunity to kick in, predictions of the spring or summer are floating around. Disorganization in some places with vaccine distribution and refusal of others to get vaccinated may slow the process down, but it is something that time can only tell. In the meantime, cases are skyrocketing around the country, surpassing the numbers from the first height of the pandemic. People are tired, the healthcare system is overworked, and we’re all just waiting for the end of what has been a never-ending, unprecedented time.

Dr. Fauci’s hopeful prediction can give us something to look forward to. We all can’t wait to be able to dance the way we used to once again. In the meantime, stay safe, readers.


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