Time flies; the fifth edition of Dreamstate Socal is only a short week away, and it features the most diverse and exciting lineup the festival has ever seen. Today, Insomniac dropped a piece of news that will brighten the faces of every Trance lover who will attend: the biggest megastructure in the festival’s history.



To pull this off, they’ve collaborated with Vision Impossible, a production company in the Netherlands. One can tell that next weekend is in capable hands by perusing the videos on their page. At a show called “Masters of Hardcore” they designed and VJ’d an insane stage with a 360 DJ booth that lowered from the ceiling, on top of a flurry of lasers and spotlights. The company plans to have the same hands-on control for this megastructure, so we’re in for the same full experience that you’ll see in their impressive and extensive visual resume.

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