UPDATE: Dubfire’s open-air event in Florida that was originally scheduled for July 31st has now officially been postponed.

Florida is surging on ahead and not caring about the pandemic yet again. The state has been breaking its own records for new coronavirus cases daily, while their governor is doubling down on ignoring that and continuing to reopen. While certain cities and counties, such as Miami-Dade, have put some restrictions up, much of the state is continuing on living. Orlando just might be at the forefront, with Disney World are open, and now a live music event.

Next week, July 31st, XIITH Hour is presenting a Dubfire Open Air event. It is taking place at Courtyard 390. The event is following a lot of the CDC guidelines: they are doing temperature checks upon entry, they have limited capacity, and masks are required at all times.

XIITH Hour's photo.

The closest thing to live music events we have had so far is drive-in concerts, where people have had to stay within the spaces allotted per car. This is a bit more lax than that, as people will be able to walk and mingle about, and the 6ft physical distancing may not be possible depending on how many tickets they sold. The news of this show is a bit of s shock considering the state of the pandemic in the U.S. as a whole and especially Florida, but a small part of us is also not surprised that this is where it is happening.

As of today, there were 10 tickets remaining, making it look like this is going to be a sold-out event. Here’s to hoping that everyone who goes stays safe and that it doesn’t cause a surge of cases afterward.


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