You may have caught the name of East Forest, who received a splendid remix from Different Sleep, but in case you haven’t, he’s just released a very special full-8l8ength album, ‘C A I R N’. His music can be described as transcendent, uplifting, and heavenly. East Forest, real name Trevor Oswalt, produced this 13-track album alongside electronic music producer Keith Sweaty. A collection of beat drive tracks, ‘C A I R N’ exists during an emotional period of East Forest’s life. Having recently separated from a partner of many years, the raw emotions that exist in the album can be seen as extremely revealing and honest. ‘Fresh Start’ opens the tracklisting with tones of melancholy and nostalgia with the lingering notes of hope just beyond the horizon.

The album features a few very special guest as can be seen on ‘Good Things To Come’, which features rhymes by Sacrub of Living Legends. Trumpet instrumentation on the same track are provided by Brad Lee of The Album Leaf. Sacrub addition to the album opens the airwaves for some head-bobbing lyricism that supplement East Forest’s blissfully, emotional music. The talented Lorna Dune fires off her skills on analogue synths in ‘Higher Heights’ and is also involved with the winding string arrangements found in the closing track ‘Hearts Are Won’. Thacher Schmid of Emancipator also finds credit with his amazing skills as a violinist in ‘Fresh Start’, ‘Tiny Choices’, and the very dancy, ‘Snake Skins’.

‘C A I R N’ is now available, stream it down below!

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