UPDATE: A 20-Year-Old Woman Who Attended EDC Las Vegas 2016 Has Reportedly Died, More Details Here.

Insomniac’s health and safety team and ground control can rest happy about the amazing job they did in keeping people safe and hydrated; EDC’s 20th Anniversary reported no deaths. This milestone is thanks to many different factors that vastly improved- for one, the EDC app have constant reminders to hydrate, pointing to the much more prominently displayed water refill stations. The people ended up being a huge factor in people’s safety as well, including the long lasting impact of Insomniac’s consciousness group, the smart and conscious medical staff, and the incredible Volunteers of Ground Control.

Las Vegas Metro police also reported there was only 212 minor medical calls, which only 17 had to be transported to the hospital. In addition, a total of 101 attendees were arrested on narcotics-related felony charges over the weekend.

We may not hear this broadcast as much in mainstream media (even the source we gained this info from decided to bring up the stage fire despite this statistic), but we can all be proud of the fact that everyone took care of each other. See everyone at Nocturnal Wonderland this September!

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  1. Tabitha Stewart

    A very dear friend of mine, Marco, was assaulted at EDC this past Friday night/Saturday morning which resulted in both of his arms being broken in several places, as well as a minor concusion.

    Yes, this was an intentional assault by an average young white guy, who was apparently “looking for a fight”, by his own words. The assailant was being aggressive towards other performers before deciding to attack Marco from behind. He lifted Marco by both stilts, and slammed him forward on to the asphalt, breaking both arms in the process.

    The attacker has not yet been apprehended. He was pinned by one of the security escorts, but his cohorts descended on the security escort, prying him off and freeing the assailant.

    We have received information that this group of aggressors were witnessed causing fights & disturbances throughout the weekend. We still have hope that we can identify them and bring them to justice, and prevent others from suffering the way that Marco is.

    If you have any information or have witnessed this attack, we urge you to come forward and report it to the authorities. This attacker took away the ability for Marco to work in a time of year where he makes 80% of his income. This attacker needs to be brought to justice.

    • Anonymous

      That is awful, I am so sorry. I hope the assailant is found. Any fundraising options for Marco? If so, please share.

      • Anonymous

        They set up a gofundme account for his hospital bills

    • Fanni

      “Put the drinking age back up to 21 and get a driver’s license at 18.That will stop 16 year old’s getting on the grog and getting run over at wild,out of control pa”‘ats.rhahyhaha yeh that’ll REALLY work won’t it seeing as alcohol is hard to obtain for a teenager and getting a car at 16 is just as hard. wank wank. maybe prohibition lmao!!


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