Layaway plans will for EDC Las Vegas 2017 be available, and those who make their first payment. As before, plans will consist of five installments, with a nonrefundable fee of $40 applied (upon your first payment) to all layaway purchases. The first down payment for early-owl passes is $94.83, followed by $85.08 till March 31at, 2017. Later-owl buyers will have to pay $98.31 for the first deposit followed by $89.66.


BUY LATER OWL TICKETS HEREscreen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-10-45-am

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A charge of $40 will also be applied to all defaulted orders. That means if you don’t see your layaway plan through to the end, you’ll be charged a premium. In years past, defaulted layaway plans have resulted in lots of tickets becoming available very close to EDC weekend—too late for many people to make last-minute arrangements. Insomniac are hoping this premium will reduce the number of defaulted plans and deter people who sign up for plans just so they can get out of them if they change their mind. Trust us, it happens a lot.

Just remember, that $40 is applied to each defaulted order, not each ticket. That means if there are three tickets attached to one order, you do not incur a premium of $120 if you default.

To help with any additional ticketing questions you may have, Insomniac have created a handy FAQ here.

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