We are just a few days away from the 21st anniversary of the biggest EDM festival in North America, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and everyone is wondering where the hell are the EDC Las Vegas 2017 Set Times?

Since receiving your EDC Las Vegas packages with your tickets and dope stickers, many of you have been counting down the days for this annual ritual gathering to dance, love, and live under the electric sky. We know as much as the actual festival matters to you, the day-to-day artists set times is just as important. With world class headliners that include a mix of nearly all genres of dance music, the Electric Daisy Carnival has spared no expense to bring a momentous musical journey throughout your weekend experience. Without further ado, here are you EDC Las Vegas 2017 Set Times.


NOTE: Stay cool, stay hydrated! 💦 Be sure to take note of Chill Zones, water stations & med tents. It’s going to be HOT this weekend! 🔥

EDC Las Vegas 2017 Set Times

Shout out to edmhumor for collecting the EDC set times and posting them on their Instagram stories. Be sure to follow them! 💯

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