With EDC Las Vegas 20th anniversary approaching in just a couple weeks, Pasquale Rotella has a lot in store for us headliners. EDC will be celebrating their anniversary with new and improved stages, art installations, and so on! The Circuit Grounds stage will not only be bigger than last year, as it was once the biggest megastructure in the nation following Ultra Music Festival and Coachella, but it will hold thousand’s of more people than ever before. Mr. Rotella mention on his Night Owl Radio show that the megastructure has gotten so crowded they’ll be opening up the entire area, which will now be three times the size as 2015’s version of the enormous stage. This year’s new and improved Circuit Grounds will feature a full 360-degree production environment that should blow your minds, and for the trance fans, Insomniac are dedicating Circuit Grounds to the Dreamstage brand on Sunday night. Can this get any better?

We have a strong feeling it’s about to compete with the mainstage! Don’t miss out on this improved stage and all the celebrations going on this year!


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