EDC Las Vegas moved to a much cooler time of the year, to the point where we recommend people bring coats. Though the wind reached dangerous levels, it only shut down one stage, whereas the 2012 winds shut down the whole festival in 90+ degree weather. The May date is a prime reason for the second year in a row in which EDC had zero deaths, yes zero deaths have been reported for the second year in a row.

This year’s EDC Las Vegas did see a low amount of arrests over the weekend as well. The show saw 150,000 total people in attendance each day, but only had 12 misdemeanor arrests and 51 felony or gross misdemeanor arrests over the course of the weekend. The official report from Reno Gazette Journal also reports a meager four misdemeanor citations for the entire weekend, Better still, there were only two DUIs that occurred on Sunday.

While Insomniac’s medical team and Ground Control make up for arguably the best festival support on the planet, there was no escaping the insane temperatures EDC would reach at a time people normally try and get sleep. While some are now wishing to move the event back to June for several reasons, we’ll take an extra jacket over having to find water anytime.

As we close out the 2019 edition of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, we are excited to share that the world’s largest dance music festival brought a sold-out crowd of 465,000 Headliners together for three nights Under the Electric Sky. Over the course of the weekend, attendees from more than 100 countries united to celebrate love, unity and individuality while marveling at the unique details that transformed the Las Vegas Motor Speedway into a zen-like world mixed with neon and fantasy.

See yall at EDC Vegas 2020!

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