We all know the Sunday struggle of any three-day festival bender all too well. We also happen to know that said struggle doesn’t stop us from continuing the party streak in any way shape or form, especially when the artists soundtracking our victory laps are good enough to warrant less shut eye. For those who love Flume, we’re happy to say he gets to be your excuse for not sleeping in this upcoming EDC weekend as you’ll be able to see Flume at Daylight Beach Club.

On Sunday the 18th of June, Flume will be headlining Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay, bringing with him an incredible selection of beats from his new album and breathing some life into the crowd on hour 59 of party time that weekend. No news on whether or not this confirms him in the festival’s lineup; there’s a chance he may not be, as other DJs have played at clubs but not at the festival. Either way, if you want a sunny, fun party to prepare you for the final day of fun under the electric sky, this is your chance to do so. So come join us for a special Flume EDC Week Pool Party this year. Tickets will sell out!


Flume at Daylight Beach Club Tickets: $74 Male, $51 Female

Flume at Daylight Beach Club Supporting Acts: TBA

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