Ultra made some awkward history at their main stage on the first day of their 2019 affair, bringing a Fast Food chain to the mainstage…like, as an act. KFC’s Col. Sanders hit the stage for an actual set, giant mascot head and all. He came on asking the massive crowd if they were hungry for beats, and the live stream captured a sea of confused faces. This was not a brief April fool’s prank…the KFC visuals lasted long enough to cause a considerable backlash from other DJs who would have loved to see a talented producer who deserved the spotlight.

“is made me feel so awkward watching:/// wtf is this cringe,” tweeted Alison Wonderland. She was responding to Luca lush, who likened the set to a glorified PR stunt. “Ur right. There are some of the most amazing up and coming artists who should be seen and who deserve to be seen. Yuk.”

It’s not exactly clear yet who paid who for this to happen but needless to say the consensus was the same in response: it was strange, embarrassing, and potentially even counterproductive to their mission, which we assume was to sell more $5 Fill Ups or something.

On a scale of 1-cringe, how disgusted did you get with this stunt?

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