Yes, rave-like events will stay in LA County. No, they won’t be the same as they usually are. Promoters of big events will now be asked for 4 months notice as to the details of their event. The new rules in place make it so any new event with more than 10k people will be evaluated to see if they need to have an 18+ or 21+ age limit.

“If ‘there is a strong probability that loss of life would occur, the draft says, promoters will have 60 days to come up with an ‘event action plan’ that includes limits on alcohol sales or an outright ban, age limits, size limits, earlier closing times and medical and security precautions, according to the ordinance.”

Here’s the fun part: a “threat assessment” will determine if said promoter will need to create an action plan that ensures that proper medical attention and safety measures are taken. This assessment can be based on a number of factors including the probability of drug use and most likely the history of incidents related to the event. This of course means that if promoters with a bit of a track record attached to them, it will be more likely that they will have a lot of proving to do before they’re let into the venues they request. While these regulations are much nicer than an outright ban, it’s going to take a lot of proof to ease the climate for LA’s Massive scene.


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