This past weekend, Rolling Loud had its debut in New York City. The festival has been around for five years, and their New York lineup had artists such as A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill, and Travis Scott headlining. The Los Angeles one is coming in December, with some repeat artist and others such as Chance the Rapper on the bill.

A random raver on Twitter, @lyubra, used the app to send out his thoughts about EDM festivals versus any other type of festival:

EDM festivals and other kinds of festivals -whether rock, country, or mixed genres – are very different beasts, and to each their own. But Twitter did its thing, and the tweet went viral, catching the attention of Tariq Cheriff, the co-founder and owner of Rolling Loud. In true Twitter fashion, he decided to respond to the tweet instead of ignoring it, and his response ignited some feelings.

The “pressing play” comment is really where he went awry, and the EDM community let him have it. If you have been following this at all, it has probably kept you entertained this Tuesday. Even a few lovers of both chimed in, pointing out that there were just differences between the two. Cherif sent out a few more tweets, joking around that no one was trying to take away any plur beads and both defending his statement and saying that it wasn’t really a serious dig.

At the end, he apologized for what blew up all over Twitter and said “rave on.”

Did you chime in with the rest? Were you entertained? Let us know your favorite tweet clapbacks.

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