As COVID-19 has done its damage across the world, the spring portion of festival season 2020 has been canceled. One by one, we have seen every festival that we love and had been looking forward to postponed until the fall. September and October have booked up quickly and conflict-ridden, and we were now looking forward and hoping for the summer.

The longer this lockdown has lasted, the less hope we had for the summer. EDC Vegas threw the towel in about one week ago. Electric Forest tried to follow suit. The festival had been looking forward to a big year since it was the tenth anniversary and they were extending the duration to be a six day festival for those with Early Arrival. While the festival, which was set for the end of June, had not canceled, rumors had it that alternative dates were being looked at to prepare. Those dates were the weekend of September 10-13, and it was waiting for the vote of Rothbury to finalize.

Surprisingly, Rothbury voted down to postpone the festival, which could effectively cancel it for 2020. Don’t give up hope just yet, however. The festival made an official statement today after the vote, stating that they are working hard to try and find alternative dates that work for both the festival community and that of Rothbury.

This pandemic is unprecedented and throwing us into a loop we could never expect, so hopefully Electric Forest is able to find a postponement. As with everything happening in the world right now, we will just have to wait and see.

See the statement below.

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