Music from this young artist will make your heart warm and maybe melt. 21-year-old, Eli Raybon, has a fresh take on his funky productions that’s all over SoundCloud and Spotify. His real journey in music began as a teen when he released ‘Nowhere’ and ‘I wont’ in March 2015 and put his brand out in the world. The support was overwhelming and eventually lead to the curation of his first album, ‘The Machine and My Dilemma’, the following year. Now, music has taken this Southern boy all the way to the City of Angels to hone his sound and production skills.

His latest release ‘Primitive Man’ will funk up your evening as it reminds of the sounds of a disco Chromeo mixed in with vocals akin to Depeche Mode. It’s charming, it’s groovy, can I stop writing and dance now?

Check out ‘Primitive Man’ down below!

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