Bring on the nostalgia with Emery Pulse’s brand new single ‘Gift Box’. The song’s distinctive 80s retrowave throwback brings our ears a blast from the past. Fans of Katy Perry, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper will love the vibe that Emery Pulse brings to the airwaves. It’s upbeat, vibrant, and an absolutely pleasant tune. Fall in love with Emery Pulse in ‘Gift Box’.

“As a fan of 80’s pop, I strive to bring a retro flare to new music. ‘Gift Box’ contains 80’s pop snares and DX7-esque chimes wrapped in modern elements.”

A Chicago transplant now living on Marco Island, Florida, Emery Pulse’s career in music has been long one. Various stage performances across the country including an award winning performance judged by an American Idol finalist, Emery’s career is on the up. Her music combines elements of nostalgia with her own modern twist.

Check out ‘Gift Box’ down below!

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