Boris Johnson, England’s Prime Minister, went on the news today to discuss the regulations regarding lockdowns across the country.

England has been on a yo-yo journey, much like the United States. Right around Christmas, the country went on a stricter lockdown, dictated by zones. It seems that things are turning up for England. The Prime Minister announced a road map to normality. This includes not only social activities, but the reopening of bars, nightclubs, and festivals.

Starting April 12th, outdoor hospitality will be able to resume, including pubs and restaurants. Around a month later, most social contact rules will be lifted. Outdoors gatherings capped at 30 will be allowed, and indoor hospitality – basically indoor dining and other aspects such as the movies – will be allowed to reopen.

In addition to that, outdoor performances with a cap of 4,000 and indoor performances with a cap of 1,000 will be permitted. Bigger sports stadiums will be allowed 10,000 people or can only be a quarter full, whichever is lower

Finally, come June 21st, barring no issues, all legal limits on social contact will be lifted. Nightclubs, festivals, and other large events, such as weddings, will be permitted as long as coronavirus cases, deaths, and hospital admissions continue to fall.

For the UK, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope that it all goes well.


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