Enter the void. Dystopia. Utter chaos. Electronic music producer, Chris Ianuzzi, has a new EP out that captures the chaotic darkness brought about from lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. Two tracks, both meandering vortexes, take on different audio paths of beeping flimflammed soundscapes.

‘Infinite Prize’ is the soundtrack to worrying minds undergoing the pandemic. What’s happening? What’s real? Distortion and dissociating, the track is the void of all our fear of a virus bringing a world of globalism to its knees. Chris develops an Alice in Wonderland like character as a muse throughout the song. Navigating countless disastrous events like Pompeii, she is the ‘Infinite Prize’.

‘Setagaya’ pays homage to Chris’ time in a borough in Tokyo. It’s composed of audio clips all around the city while working on Dat Tapes. Nearly 30 years ago since his time in the land of the rising sun, ‘Setagaya’ is Chris’ abstract tribute to the past.

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