Garrett Arnhold is the dance music anomaly behind the dance music project Logwitch from Edmonds, Washington. The US producer is known to be outside the box with his productions by creating visual fantasy worlds through the power of audio. His most recent LP features 7-tracks that mostly showcase the darkness and carnage Logwitch is capable of. Properly entitled ‘Trail of the Contortionist,’ get ready to have your body twist and turn in directions unimaginable as Logwitch guides you through his most chaotic album yet.
His opening first moment, ‘At the Edge Looking In’ opens the door the ravenous audio landscape of the contortionist and prepares you to dive in head first to a world not suitable for the weak-hearted. ‘Askew’ alarms the senses that somewhere along the way, the contortionist ran off the beaten path as dark wubs and basslines shake the wavelengths as you prepare for what’s to come. ‘Darkness’ and ‘Duplicity’ shatter any sense of tranquility you wished Logwitch and the contortionist would have shared, as the trail rumbles with the sounds of dubstep and drumstep. Saw-toothed shrills and gut-wrenching wobbles bounce the contortionist off his course into a post-apocalyptic world of misery. He runs into trouble as the track enters ‘Residuals,’ were the album goes double time with jungle; did he encounter the new breed of species that survived dooms day?
‘Hypothermia’ and ‘Turbid’ find the contortionist dealing the matters encountered in the earlier tracks and Logwitch fires off similar samples and sounds, but this time in a downtempo, hip-hop induced fashion. He finds peace in the closing track, ‘At The Edge Looking Out,’ an epic emphatic ending to a most chaotic album.

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Trail of the Contortionist Tracklist:
The First Moment : At the Edge Looking In
The 2nd Glance : Askew
The 3rd Vision : Darkness
The 4th Hour : Duplicity
The 5th Mistake : Residual
The 6th Dream : Hypothermia
The 7th Meeting : Turbid
The Last Thought : At the Edge Looking Out

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