Spoilers are never fun, but luckily, the true beauty of Eric Prydz’s holograms couldn’t be fully spoiled if we tried. Referred to Prydz as “the biggest hologram in the world,” the EPIC 5.0 holograms include a huge centerpiece of a DNA strand, an astronaut and a slew of space visuals. London was lucky to get all of this first and generous enough to share it with the world; as it stands no other shows have been announced, but the demand is huge and is sure to inspire a few bookings. Unless you have a high-quality projector in your room, you will need to attend a true EPIC 5.0 show for the fill extent of this glorious visual sequence. If you do have one…can we come to your house?

Because at home virtual reality pods aren’t commonplace (yet), Eric Prydz is giving us the next best thing: live streaming his whole EPIC 5.0 set on his Beats 1 radio show. Prydz has been a resident on Apple’s radio station for a long while now, providing us with new music and only dropping a few watermarks in the mix so we can truly enjoy the depth of his mixes. While you may have SEEN the set, this will give you an opportunity to mute the video recording and get some higher quality audio while seeing some of the biggest holograms in the galaxy.

Tune in this Friday at 3PM Pacific time

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