With the passing of weekend 1, several kinks for safety are usually worked out to make sure the second weekend passes smoothly. Sadly, the EPIC Eric Prydz show of the same name will have to be scaled down this weekend. The main cause is the Freedom Stage’s ceiling sinking in after the first weekend was through. Around noon, part of the ceiling of the covered Freedom Stage sank. To be able to repair this, the tent will be closed to the visitors of the Tomorrowland [Neighborhood party],” said Tomorrowland spokesperson Debby Wilmsen. “The party will take place on another part of the site. No one was injured.” Because of the unforeseen safety issue, the hooks that hold half of the five ton sphere in place will not be applied. Because of this, attendees will have to expect a typical set. Prydz’ team released the following statement:

Eric Prydz will still be closing the stage on Friday, unfortunately there is no time to build his Holosphere. The Symphony of Unity will be relocated to the Lotus Stage on Sunday (17h00 – 18h00 CEST). The rest of the lineup remains unchanged.

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