When you’re Eric Prydz, do you keep some of your many works in progress as top-secret weapons, or do you release it to the several DJs you know are going to play it out? In the case of his latest remix for Tiga’s Turbo label, he chose the latter option. Belgian producer BETON’s track “Directions” inspired Prydz so much, the super producer hit a remix using his Cierez D guise. Even from the intro, Cierez D makes his stamp known by adding a haunting synth to the sounds from the original track- from there, he includes the haunting build a bit sooner and milks it in just the right ways before dropping it into the main beat. Wevie Stonder’s role as GPS is still present in the track, with a sweet melody guiding the listener along with the spoken directions given. Even with the smallest of touches, the Cierez D treatment is enough to propel an already strong club weapon into an otherworldly sequence of beats on the dance floor.

Stream the whole thing on Spotify now.

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