Eric Prydz’ classic Pjanoo is a track you’d assume blew up from the first time it was dropped…right? According to the man himself on an interview with Zane Lowe, that was not the case. He says that when he first made the track, he imagined it would blow a club up. But he reveals that two years before the track DID blow up, he played it in a club and “it was flat,” he says to Lowe’s shock. He talked in detail about how it inspired him to just create and not think about making a hit record. “Just do what you feel like, an every now and then [a hit] is going to happen.” It’s great to see an artist we assume is a pillar of perfection describe his understanding of the artistic process as it actually is: an unpredictable landscape you have to navigate

Prydz takes the time to also address about his journey learning how to make music, his part in Swedish House Mafia, and meeting Depeche Mode. Watch the full interview on Apple Music.

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