“What is this, EDC?” you may ask yourself upon receiving an email for early preregistration for next year’s Escape Halloween 2020. It makes sense; the show took place this past weekend, so it’s easy to wonder what the rush is. The answer is simple: despite not being nearly as long as an excursion under the electric sky in May, Escape Psycho Circus 2020 will actually be on Halloween day (Friday, October 30th and Saturday, October 31st) at the NOS Events Center. Not only that, but next year sees the 10th anniversary of the spooky rave. For a simple $17/month (that’s one less Pumpkin Spice Latte a week) on the dates below, you can make it to what Insomniac is preparing to be an incredible experience…hopefully with that legendary megastructure included. But no worries, your credit card won’t be charged till January 8, 2020. So you can get your holiday shopping out the way.

Register for tickets here and peep the payment plan dates below.

Payment 1: January 8
Payment 2: February 3
Payment 3: March 3
Payment 4: April 3
Payment 5: May 3
Payment 6: June 3
Payment 7: July 3
Payment 8: August 3
Payment 9: August 17
Payment 10: Sept 25



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