Berlon is the music duo made by Adam Graham & Willy Washington, both of whom, are seasoned individuals in the music industry on their own accord. You can find Adam’s solo projects on the legendary imprint, Ministry of Sound and Slip-n-Slide, while Willy was working busily on tunes with Mood II Swing, Michelle Weeks, My Digital Enemy, Ben Remember & Ultra Naté. Together the two have combined their creative forces on a new house music project, Berlon.

They waste no time and churn out this timeless house classic, ‘Living It Up’. It features the vocals from the very talented Helen Webster, who sings her absolute soul out in a very c’est la vie repertoire. As with most house anthems, the prize in the piano chords that deliver the groove and much of the songs charisma. Listen to it when you wake up, when you’re on the beach, just anywhere where you are truly living life to the fullest.

Listen to ‘Living It Up’ down below!

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