Lost Lands 2018 is already on everyone’s mind because of the insane turnout for the inaugural year. To make things more epic, Excision announced his own festival would be the birthplace of his legendary annual mix. With all of this in mind, there’s another awesome bombshell that will make Lost Land’s encore the best weekend you may ever have: Sound Camps. Essentially, sound camps will allow your neighbors to put together a badass afterparty after the festivities wrap up. This is facilitated by the festival, so thinking of the sickest thematic experience is highly encouraged. Lost Lands’ official statement on selection is as follows:

After reviewing the applications, we will be giving sound camp permits to the crews that promise to bring the best experience for the Lost Lands patrons.

Applications will be judged on the proposed design, decor, planned musical content, size of team and overall organization. You need not limit your camp to one genre or style, but we will be looking to make sure a variety of genres and geographic areas are represented. Please note that even if selected to host a Sound Camp, a festival pass will be required to enter the campgrounds.

Get your brains together now and stay tuned for detailed instructions next year.

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