Rising through the ranks of Seattle’s experimental music scene is Restless Mosaic. His last release ‘There’s So Much Left To Explore’ made great strides for the up and coming producer. Garnering over 180,000 plays worldwide, it set the precedence of his next album ‘Made By Thawing Ice’. An album that really explores the depth and range of Restless Mosaic as a producer, there is no specific genre to box Restless Mosaic in. It’s always exciting to hear the excitement and creative process of an artist through their music, which is what you can expect from a run through in ‘Made By Thawing Ice’.

You’ll hear elements of retro wave video games such as that in “A La Cara Amarilla,” featuring the wonderful Chilean vocalist, Lili Aqvq.

New listeners of Restless Mosaic will liken the production and sounds to Future Sound of London, Underworld, Aphex Twin, Oneohtrix Point Never and Four Tet.

Restless Mosaic is the brainchild of Brandon Isleib. Based in Seattle, his unique sonic planes take listeners on a journey that is entirely authentic to himself. No gimmicks or commercial sounds here, just a madman and his music.

Listen to ‘Made By Thawing Ice’ down below!

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