There is a certain synergy between technology and music. DJs and the art of electronic music was still a widely ridiculed genre and method of performance, but we have seen many talented artists, who have embraced it as their true craft. Swiss producer, Yvan Poisson, is one of the next batch of rising stars that champions an abstract form of minimal trip hop. He explores the meticulous task of granular synthesis that attempts to break down sound waves to tiny grains, which are then redistributed and reorganized to form other sounds. His breakthrough ‘Blind Experiment’ 9-track EP takes you through the certain sounds that Poisson has championed through his musical career.

“With this EP I continue exploring the possibilities from granular sampling, this is where the sounds come from, except for the beats and the bass lines. Once again this is music for the audio enthusiasts ; you simply won’t enjoy it listening through a poor sound system with no deep bass and at a low volume. This only shines when you are in an appropriate listening situation (and mind). Also, this is not instrumental hip hop and it is not intented for people to rap on it, so please don’t judge it in this way.”

Expect some rumbling bass riffs, broken beats, and downtempo soundscape that make to be some excellent trip hop tracks. ‘Latent Period’ opens up the airwaves with Yvan Poisson’s abstract take on an already trippy and exponential genre. Yvan’s keen attention to details especially in the percussive elements in each track. Granular sampling seems to focus on a single point of sound expanded and reproportioned into a new song entirely, which Yvan Poisson does exceptionally. I think he could use a rapper or vocalist to expand the intelligence in his future tracks. Check his EP down below.

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