Songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist MARC-E is stepping into the spotlight with his recently released LP, Catharsis. An album as a means of releasing past traumas and turning it into art, Catharsis is an 8-track album that showcases MARC-E’s experience as a producer and multi0instrumentalist. From a genre standpoint, the album eclipses the ambient vibes of many transformational music festival today. He incorporates one of his favorite tribal instruments, the hand drum, and chill guitar riffs to capture heartwarming soundscapes for your listening pleasures.

“Catharsis is very experimental, I used many creative and unique recording techniques. The vibe and feel of Catharsis is to release past traumas and find comfort in the moment, and move on with full confidence in life.”

Out of Vancouver, BC, Canada, MARC-E is known as world music artist. He incorporates live recordings of nature and loves a wild hand drum session to create sounds and songs that are entirely authentic to himself. He’s been making music since the early 2010s and has produced two other studio albums prior to Catharsis. MARC-E continues to explore deeper, organic sounds to create unforgettable sound designs.

Check out Catharsis down below!

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