The world-traveling artist out of a small island in South Carolina is happy to announce the third expansion to his repertoire, ‘The Fruitful Darkness’. This latest release is a culmination of Hall’s self-expressive experiences that he has drawn upon to curate. Each song within the 5 track release can be seen as various, sonic microcosms in his overall musical journey. He explains:

“Part III is special to me for many reasons. Not only is it deepening this musical journey that we are all walking together, but it also features tracks that reflect the expansion of my individual artistic journey as well.

‘If I Was a Warrior’ is a meditation. 
‘Arrows’ is a sonic journey of strength. 
‘A Reminder’ is my reminder of where my heart lies. 
‘Karma’ is a reflection of my study of stars.
‘Jupiter’s Call’ is a simple song telling a simple story.” -Trevor Hall

Hearing the EP in its entirety is a sonic and spiritual journey. Trevor Hall has masterfully capture a great balance of sounds and rhythms that include: a wonderful acoustic guitar and contemporary hip-hop beat, whimsical echoes of Easter mysticism, and a soul-searching voice. Trevor’s core supporters and followers, aka the Villagers, will be happy with this one.

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