Multiple unconfirmed reports are sprouting all over the web as those affected by the shooting that took place earlier this morning at the Elrow closing party at the Blue Parrot. The BPM Festival issued their official statement this morning and announced that 4 people were killed and 12 were injured. BPM patrons seem to be placing a lot of blame for the wide apparent sale of narcotics at the venues of the BPM Festival. Attendees would confirm that anywhere near the bathroom facilities of each venue or even in open public spaces would be identified by drug dealers via festival bracelets and apparel and approached for a potential. We are keeping all eyewitness accounts completely anonymous for their safety as their could be another third party syndicate involved.

What appears to be a common occurrence amongst multiple reports are that there may have been more than one gunman, as shots are reported to have come from outside and within the venue, and the number of unconfirmed deaths from the shooting or trampling from panicky stampedes.

“My group was in the back of [Blue Parrot], we had just arrived and squeezed passed a huge group of people when we started to hear what sounded like fireworks or firecrackers. Screams of panic followed and that’s when we realized they were gunshots coming from the front entrance of the event. Everyone around us ducked for cover behind the bar and those make shift tires turned into tables and netted seats. After the first barrage of bullets, the music volume had turned down then back up as if the show was going to go on, then another barrage of bullets and more screams. This time the second barrage sounded like it came from inside the venue towards the opposite corner of the venue that was close to the beach like we were.

‘We gotta get out of here,’ one of my friends shouted and we rushed towards the fences that separated the venue from the beach. There were a lot of people panicking that some were getting stepped on and pushed. We climbed over the fence that was already shaking from other hoppers and ran along the shore until we got back to our hotel.”

We started hearing shots but everyone thought it was fireworks. Till we saw security run after someone and we saw the shots coming out of the guns. So everyone dropped to the ground. Then all of a sudden it got calm, and then on the beach side of the hotel someone else was running away shooting back at security. Then after a couple seconds we all got up and started running for the exits. On our way out we could see people laid out bleeding…dead…”

“Que raro que hasta los djs que estaban ahí adentro dicen que la balacera fue adentro y que fueron varios tiradores….. 
“Translation: It’s weird that even the djs that were in there they say that the shooting was inside and who were multiple shooters…..”

Again these are all made anonymous eyewitness accounts to protect the identity of the individuals.

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