Live streams have been thee MOVE of 2020 during coronavirus season. With festivals and events being forced to reschedule or cancel promoters and artists of all genres to turn to stream their work online to keep their audience engaged. Like festival season in SoCal, it seems like every weekend hosted some major streaming events online. Well, just like any festival you would attend, it comes with a cost. This week Facebook announced that they will soon start adding a new feature to their platform.

Soon pages will have the ability to charge an individual to have access to watch a live stream. This would cover not only any music live streams but classes, conferences, and more. For anyone looking to sell their content online, this will become a great tool to help financially. For those who have now grown accustomed to free streams and content, the ride looks like it is coming to an end. Facebook is the first to make this announcement but we anticipate more platforms to follow the trend. Get your views in now before it costs you!


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