As she gears up for her upcoming album, Finnish singer and songwriter, Anni Pohto is proud to present the first single, ‘DEEP’. It’s the perfect representation of who she is as an artist and what her music will mean to future new listeners. Diving right into the single, Anni describes the creative process of playing the song out in a different key and then chopping it up and sampling it for a unique, contemproary touch. It’s a dash of every genre you can try to box her music up as: 90’s hip hop, soul and a dash of pop. In terms of the overall vibe, ‘DEEP’ takes the darkest/lowest tone, as it opens up embracing our darkest moments and qualities in order to appreciate happier and lighter ones.

“DEEP is the first song on my upcoming album The Rising. It tells a story about facing our inner darkness, and why that is crucial in order to find joy. Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world three times in a row. But against expectations it’s not because Finns are overtly positive, but quite the opposite.” Anni Pohto

Anni Pohto is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and brings a fresh twist on music with her Nordic roots. Having also grown up in Boston and New York, Anni Pohto brings influences of east coast rap and hip hop. Her first accolade as a musician came with her single, ‘Stains’, hit the song of the week chart on YleX radio.

Listen to ‘DEEP’ down below!

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