Jon Gooch, the English DJ also known as Feed Me, is bringing back the Teeth.

An announcement of a new Feed Me album was teased back in December and confirmed two days ago. His second album, High Street Creeps, is set to release February 22. A promised tour is set to come with it. A few dates have been released, and the full tour lineup should be coming out soon.

A fan on Twitter, asking if there was going to be a tour, got an answer better than they could have imagined. Feed Me responded with not only that there is going to a DJ tour, but Teeth shows.

Now the question is? Will Feed Me bring the famous Teeth to Beyond Wonderland 2019 (Buy Tickets Here)? We sure hope so.

If you haven’t seen a Feed Me teeth show, checking out a video, and being excited for what is to come, is one hundred percent in order.

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