The South African techno/rap group, Die Antwoord, has found themselves in some dangerous waters following a video that surfaced early this month that depicts the group committing a possible hate crime to Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair. The video was filmed by Die Antwoord’s ex-cameraman, Ben Crossman. It appears the group and their entourage attacked Andy Butler at Future Music Festival in Adelaide in 2012. Video footage shows Ninja and Yolandi Visser running up to Andy and the conflict begins with Ninja spitting in Andy’s face. Andy was seen to be defending himself and ran away from Die Antwoord and the danger. You can hear discriminatory and homophobic slurs from Ninja and Yolandi such as ‘Run faggot run’.

Die Antwoord has claimed that they were retaliating against Andy in response to harassment and the groping of a woman in bathroom that took place during the festival.

It is most unfortunate that whatever events had transpired lead to the Die Antwoord stooping down to the use of homophobic slurs or  perhaps the individuals were always homophobic.

Ninja from Die Antwoord has made the following statement regarding the event:

Since the video surfaced, Die Antwoord has been pulled from Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas and Louder Than Life in Kentucky.

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