It can be quite daunting to break into the world of pop music. With so much of industry on a ‘who do you know’ basis, real talent can sometimes be swept under the rug. That never seemed to be the case with the young, prolific singer and songwriter, Teddi Gold. Raised in the remote islands of the Caribbeans, Teddi’s upbringing was quite a unique experience to those of us born stateside. Unclouded by the all the social media happenings and usual childhood lifestyle in the United States, Teddi was able to develop a strong senses of self-identity as well as the type of music and her stage persona.

‘Figure It Out’ is one of 4 tracks on her debut EP and she’s set to take on the the world (or at least collaborate with some of the world’s most sought after artists and musicians). The track is a fresh new take in the world of pop music with Teddi’s voice bouncing joyfully throughout the track, giving listeners a very pleasant audio experience.

Check out ‘Figure It Out’ down below!

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