Hot off the release of his first EP, Iuliano is proud to present the self-titled single to spearhead the release. Surprisingly, the main instrument at play is not an instrument that Iuliano was very talented in. Although still a focal instrument, Iuliano uses it as a jumping point to what the project is really all about: experimentation and rule-breaking. ‘The Hidden Root’ is an emotional indie/pop and electronica fusion track that evokes a flood of melancholy moods.

“The Hidden Root is the music that I always had inside me, but that I never had the courage to realize. A friend of mine told me: these songs are like the car 500, those who know the old one can tell its origin comes from the past, but for the people who don’t know, it is absolutely beautiful and modern. I guess he has got a point” -Iuliano

Italian by birth, Iuliano has found himself trotting all over the globe seeking inspiration and knowledge. Having recently traveled to Thailand and various Southeast Asian countries, Iuliano began to collaborate and produce with local artists that would eventually lead to four year stint and heading a record label. Eventually, his solo project emerged as a testament representing all he would leave behind in this world.

Check out the lead single down below!

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