Often cited as constantly innovating, never a follower, San Sebastian’s very own, Alex del Toro, gifts the worlds with this hot summer anthem, ‘Somebody To Love’. Trying to find love during this hot summer? Maybe you should turn this record up as you find your lover on the dance floor! Fueled by a throttling bassline and kick drum, you’ll find yourself throwing your hands in the air with the eclectic and infectiously catchy piano melodies on ‘Somebody To Love’.

Alex del Toro bursted onto the scene in 2015, finding his love and passion of dance music through San Sebastian’s thriving and vibrant pop dance music scene. Artistic and tasteful, Alex Del Toro wasted no time and seemingly had little trouble finding his niche and following early on in his career. Since then, he has touched base with other dance music producers such as HEREN and US producer, Cam Daye. All three of them are rumored to have some remixes and collaborations well on the way. Stay tuned!

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