Paul Oakenfold and entertainment company Hunt & Crest’s brainchild, an inaugural awards show for Dance Music, has finally come to see the light of day with an official airing date. The Electronic Music Awards (EM Awards for short) will officially be airing on Thursday, September 21st.

Set to become a new place of recognition for DJs and Producers making waves in the electronic music scene. The EM Awards broadcast will begin at 7:47 p.m. PT, via Twitter — no log-in necessary. Nominees, presenters, performers and more will be announced in weeks to come.

The promotional trailer presents fans with the opportunity to witness 30 years of history, implying this show is going to present content that gives everyone a taste of what inspired today’s Dance Music Culture.

We’re excited to see what programming, award nominees, and special guests are in store for this experience, and we hope you’ll tune in with us Sept 21st at 7:47 PM sharp.Check the EM Awards online for more details and information.

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