You would probably hear the sounds of Philipp Kessler if the laws of physics permitted you to hear music in space. This relatively new electronic music producer has found his niche with a synthesizer and production to create ambient music fit for space exploration. A quick glance through his Soundcloud and you’ll  find a common theme, astronomy. He barely began his journey in electronic music after picking up production and his synthesizer in 2013, and yet finished his second full length album, ‘A Light from the Past’, in early of 2016. Kessler credits most of his ambient influences from Jón Hallur, one of the music producers of the online video game, EVE.

“My music will take you on a trip through outer space. The ambient sound is there for you to relax and creates an atmosphere to forget about the everyday woes. The never ending fascination for the universe is the driver behind my music.” – Philipp Kessler

He just recently released a brand new track, entitled ‘Pulsar’, that continues his musical exploration into the final frontier. ‘Pulsar’ evokes a bittersweet audio sensation, similar to that of an astronomical pulsar, bright and luminescent, yet it’s one of the closest natural occurring objects that sucks the life out of fateful, neighboring planet at incredible speeds. If you’re looking for a tune to get lost in, ‘Pulsar’, will definitely have your mind drifting away in existential thought as Kessler takes you from place of listening into the great beyond.

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