Gilt Nightclub in Orlando, Florida hosted Dirt Monkey in one of the first post-lockdown shows since March. With several states furiously limiting gatherings of this size, many eyes were on the event and what consequences may come for it. The event had masked staff and encouraged the smaller crowd to wear them as well. In addition, the staff washed their hands several times an hour and provided several hands sanitizing stations.

Despite these precautions, three staff members tested positive for COVID 19 following the event. “[the employees] were immediately removed from the schedule and instructed to quarantine according to CDC guidelines. We will continue to inform the public of our weekly test results every Monday until further notice,” said Gilt in an official statement. The club plans on continuing events, citing the need to provide levity in these chaotic times. Dirt monkey himself thought the event was exactly what people needed.

The U.S. is on a rocky recovery from COVID-19; while all states are loosening their stay-at-home orders, many are seeing a surge in cases. Don’t be surprised if we’re forced for another “Stay At Home” lockdown at the end of Summer or beginning of Fall if the numbers keep on rising.

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