In 1873 Jules Verne penned one of the most read books of all time, ‘Around the World 80 Days’ has existed in many guises and today Flux Pavilion announces his own interpretation of the literary classic by embarking on a journey to travel the world in 80 Raves! With bespoke illustration from Jack T. Cole the visual inspiration, this tour will be Flux’s most audacious to date.

“I have been travelling around the world for 8 years playing shows and seen some amazing place and met some amazing people. This tour is a celebration of the Global Electronic music scene and I’m really proud and excited to bring our sound to every corner I can find.“

With it’s first leg in Australia and New Zealand this March, London’s modern incarnation of Phileas Fogg then travels to North America where he will embark on over 40 of the raves. For every Fogg there is a Passepartout as wingman and an ever-changing entourage, during the journey across America Flux Pavilion will be joined by an array of electronic talent.

Special guest throughout the tour will be Kayzo, the LA based man behind Doghouse Recordings is one of the hottest dance-floor properties right now. Joining the two travelers on rotation over the tour are Moksi, Spag Heddy, Trollphace, Wilkinson, Fransis Derelle, G- Buck and Jaykode.

Flux Pavilion is no stranger to touring the United States on a bus, but on this tour he’s on a one-man mission to change the game. With next level production and a number of surprises in store, Around the World in 80 Raves promises to be an unforgettable moment in the history of modern bass. More destinations along the international journey to be announced soon.

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