Dallas Cowboys Star Ezekiel Elliot got some heat for pushing Kyle Johnson, a security guard at this year’s EDC Las Vegas. After the incident, though, Elliot apologized and made amends. The two shared a picture and left in good terms. This is why a newly revealed lists of demands emailed to Elliot sounds fishy. In a TMZ sports article, Kyle Johnson and his father Kelly Johnson demanded several things from the athlete as a demand to keep them from facing legal action.

According to TMZ Sports, these demands included a direct apology from Elliott, a press conference between the football star and security guard, and $25,000 to the junior college football team Johnson was associated with. Not only that — they reportedly asked for signed jerseys from Zeke, Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott.

The demands list also included — among several other things — tickets to Cowboys games (both home and road), Ohio State games and a meet and greet with Jerry Jones and his son.

After Elliot’s attorneys discusses the problems with this extensive list, the drops were charged. No PLUR was harmed at the end of the day.

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