Multi-genre musician, G.H. Hat stepped into the EDM world in 2016 with his first release, ‘Primal’. His take on EDM fuses pop with his eclectic production style that is making its way to a mainstage speaker near you. His first exposure into EDM found its way to Soundcloud’s Top 50 triphop charts along with another production entitled ‘Joyogistics’. G.H. Hat is attempting to change the game in EDM, noting that most of genre shouldn’t be as mindless as one would think. Like any other genre, EDM should grow beyond the dancefloor, although we would argue that it has already outgrown it already.

His most recent release, ‘I Got A Problem (I Wonder…)’ Ft. Mickey Shiloh is more of a step towards pop music than EDM. Although the focus on an intricate production exists, G.H. Hat walks back and forth between the fine line of pop music and EDM elements in his latest production. A pulsing bassline jives your body throughout the track as Mickey’s voice lays out the accolades of the song. Currently the song charts on #4 on Billboard’s Breakouts for Dance Club songs and #10 on Billboard’s Top Single Sales Chart. The single will be featured on an remix album that features countless of other remixes by his peers.

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