Study Guide is a brand new series that will focus on a handful of artists we think you’ll really enjoy at an upcoming festival. We’re dropping a Spotify sampler plate of a load artists, with elevator pitches for 5 artists each day. For those restless folks, you can check out the full list on our Spotify below. For those who need some context behind our recommendations, check out the posts today and tomorrow.

We’re two days out from the biggest Trance festival in North America: Dreamstate. This year’s lineup is the most diverse, with each corner of the musical universe strongly represented. The Vision has a plethora of Tech and Hard Trance, The Dream will be the festival’s biggest megastructure to date with a full Anjunabeats lineup on day II, and The Sequence will house every mind-bending Psytrance bassline of the weekend. We rounded up several great recommendations from all three stages, stay tuned for the next three installments every day at noon. Download the Insomniac app to lock in anyone you decide to check out. 

Cold Blue – Day I, The Vision, 7-8PM

Cold Blue is releasing the first studio album of his 15-year career: Winter. The album encompasses his finest production techniques and melodic vibes that remind you of the beauty of the snowy season. To make things even better, Dreamstate SoCal will be the first place he puts the LP out to the world via a festival grade sound system. While there are several amazing singles he’s released, Winter is going to be a prime focus for this one hour set.

Oliver Smith – Day II @ The Dream, 6-7PM

Speaking objectively, Oliver Smith is the most dedicated artist on Above & Beyond’s label Anjunabeats. Each mainline mix compilation in the imprint’s near 20-year history contains production from the UK producer. Though he only started regularly touring a few years ago, his sets contain a heaping helping of dynamic Progressive Trance from himself. His affinities range from serene deeper flavored melodies to peak time bangers with arresting musical composition. He’s on early at Day II, and forgoing an extra hour of sleep to make sure you get in for his set will be extremely worth it.

Dave Neven – Day I @ The Dream, 5-6PM

If you’re going to wake up a festival’s milestone biggest stage yet, you’ll want reliable DJs like LA-based Dave Neven to do the job properly. Starting the second the festival begins, Neven specializes in dark Progressive music like his serene Altered Perspective EP on Aly & Fila’s Future Sound of Egypt. His higher energy productions provide a sweet bridge between these darker melodies and the insanity that will adorn the venue on Friday.

Gentech – Day I @ The Vision, 11-12PM

Gentech is responsible for last Dreamstate’s anthem Feel My Love, and a year later it still slaps. It’s no surprise the collaborative effort between Mark Sherry and Scot Project is back for another round. Since that single, the two have only released one other new single Change Your Heart.  The two individuals have some incredible solo work to speak for though, including Poison Apple from Sherry and Scot Project’s latest remix of his partner’s Acid Air Raid. This is a set that will make up an amazing

Abraxis – Day II @ The Sequence, 1-2AM

Dreamstate is hosting a few back to back sets this year, and one-act, in particular, has us sitting at the edge of our seats in anticipation: Seven Lions and Dimibo’s collaborative effort, Abraxis. The three producers have worked together before on a remix of Excision’s The Paradox, but they officially debuted via a strange but entertaining personality quiz on their website. Last week saw the release of their first single Old Gods, and its an extremely creative take on traditional Psytrance elements. If you’re looking for the best way to close out the weekend, this premiere is a strong contender for that time slot.


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