Helsinki singer and songwriter, GEA, is proud to release her latest single, ‘Truth Between The Lies’ that tackles the current reality many of us face in the workforce. Dark deals in the form of lies and deceit in order to take care or engorge the bottom line of financial statements and line the pockets of corrupt dealers that ultimately decimate the world we live in. GEA aims to take on this issue by revealing the truth that we all choose to not see or continually justify in order to feel as if all is right with the world.

When I wrote this song I had no idea how relevant this message would be now, when it is being released. We can’t pretend that constant lying wouldn’t have a profound impact on our society and souls. Truth is an absolute necessity. Truth will set us free!

GEA at her core is story teller from the North. As far north as you can get most of the time having grown up in Finland. Constantly creating, but not always releasing material, GEA released her debut album in 2017 with a following EP in 2019. She’s toured all over the globe and is continuing her journey as a truth seeker and source of light for those in the dark.

Check out ‘Truth Between the Lies’ down below!

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