Los Angeles-based live electronica band, Amera, has released a brand new single + accompanying music video off their self-titled EP that came out this past August. ‘Connected’ is emotionally explosive single that will have any eclectic person dancing once the tune kicks in. Amera will hopefully be revitalizing the missing emotions that connected artist and their fans in live experiences that some have lost with the exponential popularity of DJs. The music video is a montage of film from the streets of downtown Los Angeles, live video footage of Amera’s shows, as well as staged performances around various LA landscapes.

Amera is composed of Brooke Adams on vocals, Mikael Oganes on Synths/Keys, and Donovan Butez on the guitar. The internationallyt acclaimed electronic band has traveled the globe bringing their unique sound and performances with them as they attempt to challenge the status quo of electronic acts being limited to CDJs/turntables and the common allegation that they all just ‘press play’. We think their doing a great job.

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