Coming in hot on Silk Music’s discography is the Russian DJ/Producer, Sound Quelle. One of the most prolific artist in the world of deep house and trance, Sound Quelle is impressing the likes of international superstar DJs such as Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond. The two have been rinsing out Sound Quelle’s music on their respective radio shows.

Sound Quelle is proud to showcase a 15-track LP entitled Iridescent on Silk Music that you can preview down below for your listening pleasure. Iridescent is comprised of 12 originals and 3 extended versions of ‘Boundless’, ‘Iridescent’, and ‘Mastaje’. Sound Quelle enlists the talents of Canadian vocalist,┬áBrandon Mignacca, to provide his amazing voice that jettisons the vibes of ‘Boundless’ and ‘Iridescent’ that you’ll find yourself listening to on repeat for days on end. The entire album is the perfect audio nightcap as the sunlight fades into darkness and you just want that perfect sound for the sunset.

Keep your eyes out for more Sound Quelle and listen to his album down below!

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