NYC based musicians Alex Haas & Bill Laswell have been cutting their teeth in the city’s ever-evolving music scene since the late 70s. Over the time, the two figures we molding music business structures, collaborating with countless artists, eventually finding each other in their love for dub funk. Together the two have collaborated with the likes of David Bowie, The Ramones, Prince, Brian Eno and MotorHead. It is without a doubt that these two have played critical roles in music that we hear and sing today.

Their sophomore release together ‘Smoke & Glass’ follows their debut LP that released in 2018. ‘Hard To Believe’ was their trip hop single that provides listeners with a well-rounded dose of what the duo is all about. You’ll hear elements of a jazz through the solos of a trumpet that’s complemented well with a wubby bassline that brings the song to year 2019.

Check out ‘Hard To Believe’ and the entire ‘Smoke & Glass’ LP down below!

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