Wicked Paradise has taken the Southern Californian event circuit by storm with outstanding lineups and carefully planned events that have won them a die-hard following. We’re talking insane boat parties, intimate pool parties, and after-dark events, most of which sell out in advance. You may have caught wind of their events from our past attendances to their sold-out Goldroom and Soulection Boat Parties (FOMO alert if you’ve never attended their events).

All Wicked Paradise productions have been curated by a team headed by two business partners and friends, Tom Williams & Matt Orlove, of L’Affaire Musicale and Orlove Entertainment respectively. The two are constantly on the everyday hustle of curating their branded events, while simultaneously connecting with artists, event planners and companies, from behemoth entertainment groups Live Nation and Goldenvoice to local event planners like Adam Auburn’s Afternoon Delight imprint. Tom, Matt, and their team have achieved the ideal balance of booking big name artists, such as Goldroom, Darius, and J Phlip just to name a few; pushing the sounds of up & coming and local talent; all while creating events that have a ‘feel-at-home’ vibe to them.


Their local success has won them support to push their brand to the Bay Area in Northern California and have created new opportunities out of state, which you will read in our exclusive interview with the two leading the charge of Wicked Paradise.

Wicked Paradise will celebrate their 3-Year Anniversary Party this Saturday with Holy Ghost!, special guest Capyac and more at the Skybar in the Mondrian Hotel.

[GDE] Wicked Paradise will celebrate its 3 year anniversary this weekend, how does it feel to have accomplished so much as event producers and promoters in such little time while in a very saturated area of festivals, concerts, and clubbing events?

[WP] We’ve worked extremely hard to get to where we are at, but in no way are we complacent.  We’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of our favorite artists, and are grateful to the venues for giving us the platform to execute our vision for Wicked Paradise.

California is a saturated market, but we’ve stuck to bringing in artists we love, and tried to curate an environment that people feel comfortable, and most importantly, have fun in.

[GDE] You’ve both recently started host events in the Bay Area, is there a noticeable difference in planning events in an entirely different area? Is there a significant difference in crowd vibes between the two music scenes?

[WP] Other than not being on the ground, not really.  Having a strong marketing plan is the key to success.  Having great relationships with key influencers and promoters has also helped.

No slight on our hometown, L.A., but San Francisco gets down!

[GDE] Are there any plans to take your brands elsewhere? Perhaps out of state?

[WP] 100%.  In 2018, Wicked Paradise hits the road to New York, Chicago, & Miami.  We have close ties in all three markets, so it has always been inevitable.

[GDE] What have been you biggest takeaways as event planners and promoters in the music industry?

[WP] At the root of it all, we are in this because we’re passionate about music, and creating an experience for people that is different from a standard club, or live venue environment.

Channeling your creativity as an event planner is everything, we’ve learnt that you have to be hands on, building relationships is key, and most importantly is the follow through and execution of your ideas.

It goes without saying, but you have to be prepared to work hard and be committed.  There is no half measures, you have to be in it to win it!


Don’t miss Wicked Paradise’s Upcoming Events:

7/1: Wicked Paradise 3 Year Anniversary feat. Holy Ghost!

7/4: Wicked Delight feat. Will Clarke

7/15: Wicked Paradise feat. Goldfish Live

7/22: Wicked Delight at Sea feat. Darius Boat Party

8/5: Wicked Paradise Presents Bearson

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